New Pattern: Composition Notebook Cover

As some of you may know, I have started releasing patterns of the projects we make in my kids and teen classes. The first is the free Pencil Pouch pattern and now it has a back-to-school friend with the Composition Notebook Cover!

Hartford Stitch PDF Patterns: Composition Notebook Cover

I pride myself in reducing sewing instructions down to the bare bones so that it's clear, concise and easy to follow for kid and adult students. But verbally explaining a step clearly and writing it down in pattern to a similar effect is a different ball game. I have a new, massive respect for all pattern designers, editors and testers!

I wrote the pattern to be used in class and thought I did a pretty bang up job. The first students to go through it pointed out so many things that I say one way in class and wrote a different way in the pattern. For example, 9 years olds don't use the word "align" (as in, align raw edges together). They do say "Line up" however. Saying "Place Right Sides Together" will get me a blank stare but if I say "Stack Right Sides Together" they are all over it.

I got those ironed out and then my husband, who has little to no sewing knowledge, tested it. And THEN I had some lovely sewists test it for me. This pattern has been gone over with a fine tooth comb and is ready for the public!

I'll be sharing some of the beautiful versions my testers made. Be sure to read click on their names to check out their instagram feeds!