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We know that many people have more sewing and fiber art supplies than they can manage. Our goal is to put those supplies to use in our studio and to provide them to other makers in the community. Together we can reduce the waste created and give a second life to materials!


At this time we are accepting donations.


Donations received at Hartford Stitch may be used for our classes and workshops, donated to local organizations, or provided to the community.

accepted items

Acceptable items are sewing or fiber art adjacent. Items must be in good condition and free of stains and odors. A list of acceptable items includes:

  • Fabric- larger cuts of fabric preferred. NO SCRAPS. Woven fabric must be at least 18" x 18". Knit fabric must be 1/2 yard or larger.

  • Quilt batting including large scraps

  • Sewing tools (pins, scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, pattern racers, seam rippers, marking tools) in good working order

  • Sewing thread- must be good quality and full to near-full spools

  • Embroidery thread- no tangled messes please!

  • Notions including buttons, zippers, hooks, elastic, velcro, bag strapping and ribbons

  • Yarn

  • Knitting needles and crochet hooks

  • Darning supplies

  • Small weaving looms

  • Needle felting supplies

  • Sewing machines in good working order

  • Irons in good working order

  • Patterns and pattern books

  • Abandoned quilt blocks and quilt tops

  • Have something else and not sure if you can donate it? Make sure to send us an email!

how to donate

Please send us an email using our contact form or call the studio to make arrangements for drop off, or in some cases, pick up. DO NOT drop things off at the studio without making prior arrangements.

Please note: we are not a non-profit and can not provide receipt of donations for tax purposes.

do you need supplies?

If you, or your organization, are looking for sewing and fiber adjacent supplies please contact us and we will do our best to match you with donated materials!

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