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... You learn best one-on-one or surrounded by your friends.

... You have a specific project in mind that isn't suitable for an Open Workshop.

... You can't make our regularly scheduled classes.

...You want to treat yourself to an instructor's undivided attention!

Lessons are scheduled in 2 hour increments. With the exception of a 101 class, materials are not included in the fees below.

We are excited to now offer Advanced Garment private lessons in drafting and pattern design. These lessons are at a different rate so please contact us for more information!


One-one-one Private lessons: $120 for 2 hours

Small Group Private Lessons (2-3) people: $200 for 2 hours



Ages: Typically our lessons start at 8 years old for machine sewing and 6 years old for hand sewing. You know your child best and if they are younger than this but you think they are ready to start private lessons then we would be happy to teach them!


Contact us today for more information or to schedule your lesson!

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