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Everything You Need to Know About Flex Sew Workshops

Does my fall calendar look a little different to you? Are you looking for photos of all the projects you can make but instead are just seeing this? (Ok, and a few classes).

I'm in the middle of trying it out right now for the summer, but I'm liking how it the concept feels so we're going to extend it to the fall. So nearly all project classes will now be Flex Sews!

Why are you changing things??

Hartford Stitch needs to serve all of you, my amazing community. So I listen very carefully to your feedback and this is some of what I've been hearing:

a) I'd love to do that project but could only make 2 of the 3 nights

b) {Insert Day Here} just doesn't work for me.

c) I'd love to make that bag that my friend made in your class last year

d) I've made that bag already, can you put a new bag on the schedule?

Hartford Stitch also has to work for me, because I've promised my husband, kids and myself to only hold adult classes and workshops two evenings a week and Saturday mornings. With that, I can't add anymore workshops. So I'm going to try to solve all of those problems by making every Workshop Class time as flexible as it can be both in project and scheduling.

What does this mean for me?

As the name suggests, much more flexibility I hope! You can pick any project from our Project Catalog and register for any day that fits your schedule to come in and learn how to sew it.

Is the teaching style going to change?

Nope! This idea started brewing when one student pointed out that I primarily spend my workshops circulating between all of my students, giving them my one-on-one attention to help them with their next steps. This is still a group workshop, but you will be taught the skills needed for your specific project.

What will a workshop be like?

Each student will be working on their own project. In this summer's Flex Sews I've had people work on bags, dresses, skirts, shirts and more. Your sewing machine neighbor may not be making the same thing you are, but that's kind of exciting. There's a great community feel as one person takes the plunge to make her first button hole and the rest of the class pauses in anticipation to see how it turns out. Or when a student tries on a dress muslin for a first time and someone who is strictly sews bags responds in awe.

Everyone is at a different stage in their sewing journey. As long as you know the basics of working a machine (as in, you've threaded it and sewed a straight line before) you'll fit right in!

You also get to choose your own path for learning. I have some students who want hand-over-hand guidance for cutting the fabric, so they'll be sure to devote some of their Flex Sew time to that. I have some students who are comfortable cutting and would rather take care of that at home, so their Flex Sew time is focused on sewing and technique. I have some students who want every step of the project to be under my watchful eye, and others who are happy to learn a specific part of the project and finish the rest at home. Or later decide to sign up for another Flex Sew Workshop to finish. Everything is up to you (of course if you want me to help you decide what to do I'm happy to!).

Ok, how do I choose a project and sign up?

1) Head over to my Project Catalog and pick out a project

2) There's lots of information on each description, but check out at the bottom the "pre-work" and "estimated number of hours". Many projects assume that you will complete the pattern tracing outside of class. If you would prefer to do so in class, then add some more hours to your estimated time. If you think you're a super fast sewist and don't need that much time, or could do work at home, then subtract some hours. Make it work for you!

3) Go to the Flex Sew registration link and pick the days that you want to sew. If you need to purchase a pattern for your project from me then you can add that to your cart at this time too.

4) I'll reach out to you to discuss your project before the workshop starts. If needed, we'll arrange for pickup/delivery of the pattern and we can discuss materials needed, etc.

5) Do any pre-work you want and come to the workshop! Just like any other workshop I'll be there to take you ste-by-step and give you a heavy dose of cheerleading along the way!

Can I do a 101 class as a Flex Sew?

That's the only inflexible part of the Flex Sew: Adult Sewing Machine 101, Knits 101, and Patterns 101 are all stand-alone classes. They have a heavy "lecture" component that cannot be delivered in a Flex Sew setting.

What if I have my own project that I want to do during a Flex Sew?

Shoot me an email and let's talk about it. Some projects are good for a flex sew and some are better suited for a private lesson.

I need some inspiration! What's going to be new?

This season I have three new featured projects. Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks for being part of the Hartford Stitch Community and I look forward to sewing with you!


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