Everything You Need to Know About Flex Sew Workshops

Does my fall calendar look a little different to you? Are you looking for photos of all the projects you can make but instead are just seeing this? (Ok, and a few classes).

I'm in the middle of trying it out right now for the summer, but I'm liking how it the concept feels so we're going to extend it to the fall. So nearly all project classes will now be Flex Sews!

Why are you changing things??

Hartford Stitch needs to serve all of you, my amazing community. So I listen very carefully to your feedback and this is some of what I've been hearing:

a) I'd love to do that project but could only make 2 of the 3 nights

b) {Insert Day Here} just doesn't work for me.

c) I'd love to make that bag that my friend made in your class last year

d) I've made that bag already, can you put a new bag on the schedule?

Hartford Stitch also has to work for me, because I've promised my husband, kids and myself to only hold adult classes and workshops two evenings a week and Saturday mornings. With that, I can't add anymore workshops. So I'm going to try to solve all of those problems by making every Workshop Class time as flexible as it can be both in project and scheduling.