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Everything You Need to Know About Kids Sewing Classes

Bad news: summer is almost winding down. Almost. Not yet. Good news: After school sewing classes are starting soon!! And this year I'm adding another so there will be 3 to choose from (4 if you include our Teen Class!). So here's everything you need to know!

How long is each class and session?

Each class is 1 hr 15 minutes hours long and runs for 5-6 weeks (see each class description). We don't hold classes on any day that the West Hartford Public School system is closed including holidays, staff development days, vacation days and days the school is closed for inclement weather (more on that later!).

What ages?

Kids classes are for kids (girls AND boys) ages 8- 11. I keep the class sizes small (max 5 students) for lots of individual attention, but this is a group class so some independence is expected and encouraged. If you think your child would do better with one-on-one instruction please contact us about private lessons. Teen classes are for ages 12- 16. If your child is a returning student and you're unsure which class to put him or her in, please contact me!

NEW AND IMPORTANT: My child has never sewn before, is that ok?

My kids classes are for all experience levels! That being said, if your child has never sewn with me before in an after school class, sewing focused camp or Kids 101 workshop (aka, if I haven't taught them to thread a sewing machine before) they will need to sign up for either a Kid 101 workshop or arrive half an hour before the first class of the session to cover the basics. If they attended a party or a Girl Scout event then they did NOT learn to thread a machine and will need to arrive early or take a Kids 101.

What kind of projects will my child sew?

Fun projects! I choose the first project of the session based on the experience levels of the students in the class. From there we decide collectively which projects to attack next. Each project will teach students a new skill and may include sewing: softies (stuffed animals), bags, pillows, quilting projects, garments, decor and more. Each project gives students a chance to put a creative spin on their project (because who wants to make the exact same thing as their neighbor?).

We can't make every class/what if school is cancelled that day?

We offer a makeup date at the end of every session, please see the class description for the exact date. This is the makeup date to be used for personal absence as well as any school cancellations. If school is cancelled due to weather, or other circumstances, more than once during a session I do everything I can to help students make up the time, but can't guarantee more than the one day. Additional absences MAY be made up during other kids classes if there is room.

What does my student need to bring?

Nothing! If they have their own machine they would like to use during class they are more than welcome to, however we also have machines at the studio for their use. We have cubbies to store machines between classes if you don't want to bring them back and forth. Please DO NOT bring additional tools and supplies such as scissors, rulers and pins. I don't want them to accidentally get mixed up with the studio supplies.

Can you email me when the class registration opens?

The best way to find out about class openings is through our newsletter. If you haven't signed up for the mailing list yet, head to our main website page at . A box should pop-up asking for your email. I do not send out personal emails regarding classes opening.

The day I want is sold out, do you have a waitlist?

Yes! Please email me at laura (at) hartfordstitch (dot) com.

My child and his/her friend want to register together. Do you have enough space in this class?

Head over to the registration page, find the class listing that you would like and click on quantity. The number shown is the number of spots we have left!

Where do I register?

The best way to register is online: Tuesday Kids, Wednesday Kids, Thursday Kids, and Wednesday Teens. If you would prefer to pay by check or credit card over the phone please send me an email and we'll set something up!

My question wasn't answered!

Feel free to contact me! Email is the best way to reach me but you are always welcome to call.

Thanks for being part of the Hartford Stitch community!


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