Summer Camp Spotlight: Fabric Design + Sewing

Fabric Design and Sewing Camp for Kids and Teens

To say this summer was a whirlwind would be an understatement! We had a total of 5 weeks of camps with 7 different themes! (Plus, you know, all those other summer things like my kids going to camp and swim lessons and vacations and honestly, where does the time go??)

I thought I was going to throw all of these camps into one Summer Wrap-Up post but, as I went through the photos and was reminded of all their hard work and beautiful results, I've decided to feature each of the camps in a different post.

First up (which was actually my last camp of the summer) is the Fabric Design and Sewing Camp

One of my first day-dreams about Hartford Stitch was to offer a camp where kids would learn different design techniques and print their own fabric to sew with. This is the second time I've offered this camp, and with all the ways to design fabric, I think I can offer it a dozen time over with different techniques every time!

A few days before this camp started I realized that I had an older bunch of kids (10 and 14 year olds) and we could put an educational twist on the designs as well.

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Mud Cloth:

First we learned about Mud Cloth, also known as Bogolanfini. We talked about the process, the colors and the meanings of the designs (you can find a ton of great information from Africa Imports and Design*Sponge if you want to learn more!).

The campers were challenged to come up with their own designs. They could use inspiration from the Mud Cloth samples we looked at (whether they identified with a particular design or just liked it), could come up with a design that was important to them, or use the medium to make a fun design.