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Video Tutorial: How to Assemble an E-Pattern

One of my goals for 2017 is to put together some tutorial videos to support our classes. I first thought of putting this tutorial together as a blog post, but I realized that many of my students are attending classes because they learn better in person than from a blog. So hopefully this is helpful!

This tutorial applies to assembling any e-pattern, but I've used the One Hour Top pattern from Fancy Tiger Crafts as that's the pattern we're using in our upcoming Intro to Knits class.

Please be kind as this is the first tutorial I've done-- I can already see there's going to be quite the learning curve!

Here's the link for the medical exam paper rolls I use for tracing patterns. (Affiliate link).

Our Intro to Knits class for the winter session is sold out, but we will be offering it again soon. Contact me to be placed on the waitlist or to be notified about future classes. And in the meantime check out the other classes we have on the schedule!

Happy Stitching!


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