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With Gratitude...

One of my favorite posts from last year (which, okay, isn't saying a lot because I didn't have too many!) was the one for Thanksgiving. I'm a big believer in expressing gratitude whenever you can. It feels so good to have someone thank you for something whether you were expecting the gratitude, and even more so when you're not, and I try to reciprocate that. While I try my best to express gratitude year round, I savor the opportunity to put it all out there at Thanksgiving.

This year was a whirlwind for me and Hartford Stitch. When I sat down to write this post last year, Stitch had a smattering of classes at Imagine Studio and I was just starting to pull together a new vision of how I wanted the business to grow. I sat with my husband and started to throw around the idea of having my own studio space. Could it work? Could I find a good place? Could I hold enough classes to make it worthwhile? Never would I have guessed that a few months after that I would meet my current landlord at a 101 class and the wheels would quickly be set into motion for Hartford Stitch Studio.

Our cozy little maker space, my home away from home, didn't just materialize out of nowhere (ok, maybe the offer kind of did). I have all of you to thank for it! So here we go...

Thank you....

... to my husband who tirelessly listened to me make plans and change plans and question plans and make new plans. Who only looked at me sideways once when I brought home 5 vintage sewing tables that needed to be retrofitted for modern machines. Who came home from work early on nights that I had class. Who encouraged me when I got worried about enrollment and celebrated with me when a class sold out. Who pulled more than his fair share of family duties when I had a full class load, was prepping the studio and working my way through the fatigue and nausea of the first trimester. my "older" kids who were endlessly patient (for a 2 and 4 year old) as I spent time working instead of playing with super heroes and pirates. Who frequently offer to "teach" handsewing classes for me and come up with the most creative projects.

... to my littlest, who waited until I was finished with classes to make her entry into the world.

... to my landlord who came to class that fateful day and echoed my own hopes of a studio.

... to my friends who are among my biggest cheerleaders.

... to all of you- my students and the greater Hartford Stitch community. Thank you for taking classes, for offering suggestions, for attending Stitch Nights and Charity sews. Thank you for spreading the word of Hartford Stitch. Thank you for the gifts and well wishes toward the end of my pregnancy. Thank you for sharing my excitement when the Studio opened. Thank you for helping Hartford Stitch grow and find its place in our greater West Hartford community.

This is just a glimpse as I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this community that has made Hartford Stitch. I'm so grateful to have a space where people can come to create and learn. I'm grateful for the dear friendships I have made. I'm grateful for the community of makers and artists Stitch has introduced me to.

I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday gives you time to reflect on all the wonderful things that this year has brought and all the unknown wonders of the upcoming year. I know it certainly has for me.

Happy Stitching,


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