The Importance of Sewing for Kids

I. LOVE. TEACHING. KIDS. Love it. I love, love, love teaching kids to sew. Their enthusiasm, their creativity, their lack of self-deprecation and ability to live in the moment is so amazing to me.

The more I teach (both kids and adults) the more I realize the IMPORTANCE of sewing. I obviously always knew it was important to me, and my goal was to help others to find the same satisfaction, but I realize now it's a truly important thing to know how to do, or at least to try.


1. promotes consumer awareness

This may seem like a heavy point to start with, but I think it's very relevant to today's society. We, as adults, like to consume material items, and kids are definitely no different. It's easy to go to a store and purchase clothes, room decor, bags, etc without much thought. And then purchase a new version of the same item when it wears out, or more likely, when we feel like a change. Learning to sew slows that down and makes sewists think about the chain of events that brought that item to life.

In my Kid 101 class I teach that there are two basic types of machine needles: universal and ballpoint. I point out that the students would use a ballpoint needle to sew knit fabric, like the one that was used to make the shirt they are wearing. I swear, you can see a lightbulb go off in their heads. This shirt was made by someone. This shirt started as a piece of fabric. Can I make a shirt? How long would it take to make a shirt? What do I need to make a shirt? Can I learn? (Kids never really ask if they can learn, they always assume that they can and will learn something and I adore that!).

So now a shirt is added to the list of things they want to make. And yes, that's adding to a material want, but it's also slowing things down. Instead of going out to a store to buy a pillow for their room, 5 shirts, a skirt and some doll clothes they know that the