Top 5 Reasons That Kids Should Learn to Sew

Do you have a kiddo that’s interested in learning to sew? Maybe you’re not a sewer yourself and when you look at the investment it takes- the sewing machine, the materials and the time-- and you’re just not sure it’s totally worth it. Maybe you are a sewer and you’re not sure you’re quite ready to bring your child into the fold.

I totally get it. It can be completely overwhelming, but I promise, your child learning to sew is so worth it. I can say that both as a sewing teacher who has taught hundreds of kids and as a parent whose 8 and 6 year old love to sew.

So today I want to talk about my top 5 reasons why it’s so important to support your child’s interest in sewing!

Prefer the video version? Here you go!

In the beginning...

I’ve been teaching since 2015. When I started I knew without a doubt that I did NOT want to teach kids to sew. My own children were very young and the idea of sitting a kid at a machine was a little bit terrifying. I only wanted to teach adults. So I started with that, but it turns out that while adults wanted to learn to sew, parents REALLY WANTED their kids to learn to sew. And when you’re just starting a business you have to follow the interest and I put up a couple of kid classes.

That took off and we can have upwards of 40 kids in the studio a week now. I can honestly say that I can’t imagine running my sewing school without kids classes. I still love teaching adults and really love the balance of the two, but teaching kids is so much fun and a great reminder of how to have fun and creatively play every day with sewing.

But believe it or not, that Creative Play doesn’t even make it into my Top 5… after all, kids find ways to creatively express themselves in nearly everything they do and while sewing is awesome for that it’s not neces