Preschool Sewing: Monster Softie

After weeks of watching me make camp samples, my 5 year old and 3 year old couldn't stand it anymore and were begging me to let them sew something. Not just something, they wanted to sew stuffed animals (might as well aim high, right?).

I gave them some paper and asked them to sketch out what they wanted. I immediately realized this was going to be worth documenting and grabbed my phone. It was a rainy day, and my sewing room at home has pretty bad light to begin with, so these photos are a little rough, but the steps are all here!

My kids have 3 requirements for any sewing project: Buttons, a Fun Stitch on the sewing machine and, ideally, stuffing. No surprise, my 5 year old brought it down to his essentials (see the holes in the button eyes?) and designed these monsters. The 3 year old picked out the fabric.

Step 1: Put two scraps of fabric, the size of your monster, right sides together. Pin the monster in place (if you're feeling ambitious) and roughly cut about 1/2" outside the template to allow for a seam allowance.

Step 2: Let the kids loose in the button jar to pick out eyes. The 5 year old had a little concern that the buttons he drew had holes but the button he picked had a shank. I assured him it would be okay. Normally I'd say to put a dot for where you want your button to go, but that's overkill for this project so just pick a spot on the right side of the fabric and sew it on.