Gifts to Make for the Pet Lover

I always thought I was a "dog person". We had beloved dogs growing up and I plan to adopt one when the kid's are older, but then I had some students school me in what it means to be a "DOG PERSON". And perhaps I'm not quite that. It doesn't mean I don't love a good puppy gift though! (Or cat, or guinea pig, or what have you.) Whether you're giving the gift to the animal or the animal's human you'll love making some of these projects!

Remember we have many Open Workshops (for adults, or experienced kids with an adult) through the end of November and December. Pre-register on the website and email me with any questions!


I have kits for two different sizes: 3/4" width and 1" width (you can make them whatever length you want). Sources tell me the 3/4" width works for pets 24 - 44lbs and the 1" works for 45lbs +. If you have a smaller pet, let me know and with enough lead time I can source materials for smaller animals!

Pattern: Templates and pattern provided at class

Estimated Time to Complete: About 1 Workshop

Skills Needed: Basic machine operation and general comfort keeping an even seam allowance

Materials Kit: Purchase Here Includes 1/4 yard quilting cotton, nylon strapping, heavy duty needle and hardware kit. Cost: $11.00


So this is one of those projects that I saw as a fun bedroom accessory for my Kids Classes but others looked at it and immediately thought "Dog Bed." So there you go, make a dog bed! We can scale it to any size and choose your co