How to Organize ALL of Your Sewing Projects

So, project storage. Maybe you're one of those amazingly efficient people that works on one project at a time before they move on to the next one. And if you are, my hat goes off to you. That is so awesome, and then, you're actually sure you'll finish a project. I am not one of those people. But no matter how you approach it, it's really good to have a system to store your projects!

Want to watch me wax poetic about it? Check out the video below!

The Essentials Part of Any Project Organization System

I'm going to give you the top three ways that I like to store my projects. At any given time, I usually have three, four, maybe even five projects going on. Some of them, I like to consider long-term projects and that I'm going to be working on them for years before they ever get finished.

You'll notice that there are two common themes among all of the options. One is that it's see-through. I can see through the container to know exactly what is on the inside. For me, this is really important. I don't want to be digging through lots of boxes and bags and wondering what's inside of it. I want to be able just to look, grab what I need, and then get sewing. Number two is that they all seal in some way. You can turn the thing upside down and nothing will fall out. I find this to be really important because you don't want to lose a little something here or a little something there, and by the time you go to sew it again, you don't have everything you need. So, see-through and sealable are essential to finding the right organization system.

What Exactly Goes in a Project Kit?

1. You put in your project wherever you stop sewing.

2. I also have all the notions and accessories that go with it.

3. Then the one that people forget about: the spool of thread and bobbin. This is really important because you may put away your project, and then, come back in a little bit later, and think, "I have no idea what color thread I used." Or you may have run out of it when doing another project.

4. The pattern (if it's printed out of course)!

Here's an inside look of a fanny pack that I started about a year and a half ago and for some reason stopped with just about an hour left to go. It has everything I need in it with the exception of the pattern. (I had made a few of them at that point and didn't think I needed the pattern anymore-- clearly I didn't plan on hitting pause for almost 2 years!)

My Top 3 Project Organization Options

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