5 Essential Sewing Room Elements and How to Make it Comfy

Updated: Feb 19

This month we're going to be talking all about sewing rooms!

So over the holiday break I had a chance to do a little beautification of my own sewing room and I've definitely had sewing room organization and design on my mind ever since!

This week will be all about Setting Up Your Sewing Space (doesn't have to be a sewing room!). Next will be how to organize your small tools, followed by organizing your projects and wrapping up with a tour of my own sewing room!

You can check out the video for it here:

First you need the Sewing Space!

Notice I didn't say "Sewing Room"! Currently I have about half of our walk up attic which is by far the biggest and nicest sewing space I've ever had! Before this I worked out of nearly every bedroom in our house, the corner of our dining room, and my kids playrooms. In previous apartments I had a closet and once just stored everything under a bed (I had a lot less stuff then!).

If you can, try to find a space where your machine can always be set up. It's a pain to pull everything out and get it all set up before you even can start the fun stuff. So if you have to do that every time you are less likely to sew. I know this is a bit of a luxury, but if you can leave everything out I highly recommend you do it!

So once you have the space figured out you need to know what to put in it...

5 Essential Items for Your Sewing Space

  1. Table