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Hartford Stitch at Home: Kids Learn to Sew E-course has Launched!

Hello Friends!

It feels like it has been forever coming but I am so excited to announce that our Hartford Stitch at Home: Kids Learn to Sew E-Course has launched!

This has been an idea kicking around with me for awhile, but with a full studio schedule there never seemed to be a time or a need for me to do it. We were all so busy!

Then of course March 13th, 2020 hit and everything came to a crashing halt. I'd like to say that's when I jumped into action and started filming but even then I felt frozen as to the best way to do this.

By May I realized things weren't returning to "normal" any time soon and that included having my after school classes. Which meant that my studio would be missing the voices of nearly 40 kids every week creating and learning and laughing together. Missing connecting with all of them was the push I needed.

After months and months of endless filming, editing, storyboarding, more editing, and more refilming the e-course is ready.

To say that you are getting a lot with this course is an understatement. I wanted to make sure that the Virtual Hartford Stitch experience was as similar as possible to an in-studio Hartford Stitch experience. That mean taking everything that I bring to my classes: all of my expertise, all my tips and tricks, and all of my enthusiasm to the online platform.

It also meant truly honing in on what I believe to be the "Hartford Stitch Way". You know what you're getting with a Hartford Stitch class. You know what to expect from our teachers. This is an INCREDIBLY important part of our studio and community. But I really need to sit down and put it into words so I could make sure that every video, every virtual interaction we will have, reflected this. I'll devote an entire blog post to this because I think it is so important!

But now on to the nitty gritty info. You're going to get all of this with your registration:

Infographic with aqua striped background and bright coral and pink headers explaining the Hartford Stitch at Home: Kids Learn to Sew E-Course curriculum

So when I say jam-packed I mean JAM-PACKED. Basically if I have ever though it during a beginner sewing class it made it's way into the videos!

If your child (or you, let's be honest, sometimes we want things laid out simply and effectively for us too!) have been waiting to learn how to sew then now is the time!

I can't wait to share more over the next couple of weeks about my teaching philosophy and all the details about why this program is really so special! And as a thank you to my amazing community I'm extending a 20% of coupon until October 8th. Use TEAMSTITCH at check out to join on the fun and save!

Happy Stitching!


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