Local Maker: Emma Lyn Designs

Have you started to collect all your local maker gifts yet?? I know that the table in my sewing room is starting to pile up and I don't feel like I've even made it to a lot of markets yet this year!

Granted I started early... I met this next local maker at a market at the Wadsworth Mansion this summer (or was it fall)? I had followed her (ok, stalked her) on social media before and I have to say that her products in person were exactly as perfect and gorgeous as I imagined they would be! And yes, while these will be excellent gifts for any lady in your life, you will probably want to sneak in at least one for yourself (or two... like this grey herringbone one that matches my Toms for my daytime gallivanting and this gold mermaid sequin one BECAUSE IT'S MERMAID SEQUINS!!!)

So time to learn a little more about Emma!

Hi! Thanks for letting me feature you on my Local Maker series! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m Emma, the owner and designer of Emma Lyn Designs. I taught myself how to sew when I was in college and have been making things for myself ever since. I now have a 5 month old son, and stay home with him while working on my business. I started making small clutches/wallets for myself about 3 years ago. I am obsessed with color and patterns, and wanted to make something practical that I could use everyday out of all of the beautiful fabric that I found at the store. These clutches I made for myself eventually turned into Emma Lyn Designs, where we make custom accessories. Everything we offer can be totally customized and designed by the customer, allowing you to design exactly what you want!