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Local Maker: Erin of Payne & Comfort

Thank you all for such a wonderful response to my first 2017 Local Maker post on Colleen at Moonfaerie Designs. I love that you all love supporting local artists as much as I do!

When I was figuring out who to focus on this year, I posted on Facebook and Instagram asking my community what local sewists they loved, and had a wonderful response. There was one name that came up a couple of times: Erin of Payne & Comfort. Which worked out exceedingly well, because she was already on my shortlist!

One of my favorite parts of sewing is that you can make things that have a purpose-- whether it's a sentimental purpose like the heirloom aprons Colleen makes, or a practical purpose like what Erin makes. It feels good to make something that brings comfort or joy to someone else and I'm so happy that Erin shares the same view!

So here's a little more about the lady and her work!

Thanks for letting me feature you! Can you tell me a little more about yourself , how your business started and what you make?

My name is Erin Payne and my business (Payne & Comfort) started in November 2015, with the goal of earning some extra cash to help pay for Christmas gifts that year. The shop name actually came first- my husband helped come up with it knowing I wanted to utilize my awesome new last name after years of it being an impossible-to-pronounce Polish nuisance. Once I had the name, I had a direction for the type of product to make. I started with microwaveable hand warmers (which are still one of my best sellers) and expanded to larger hot/cold packs and aromatherapy eye pillows after getting requests for them. I've also dabbled in cozy apparel and decor in the way of arm-knit scarves, woven wall hangings, and dream catchers, all with the mission to keep your mind, body, and home comfortable. My little business has turned into something way bigger than I ever imagined it would, and I'm so thankful to everyone who has supported me, including the amazing maker community here in CT!

Where do you make all these cozy things?

I work out of a small home studio in East Hartford, CT.

What's your favorite thing about the products you make?

I love being able to literally keep people comfortable with my products. Relaxation has always been very hard for me. I'm the type of person who likes to be busy and productive all the time (hence starting a business on top of having a full time job). But having a business that focuses on comfort and relaxation has helped me reevaluate my own self-care practices, and I hope my products help other people do the same!

Makers gotta make... I may or may not have the same issue with relaxation! Which leads me to my next questions: who do you see buying your products?

While I try to have a little something for everybody, my products are mostly geared towards women- busy moms, teachers, college students, yogis...anyone who might need help relieving stress! Most of my products are appropriate for all ages, but little ones should always be supervised when using the microwave to heat up their hand warmers or heating pads.

So I'm seeing these as perfect gifts on their own, but especially when paired with some tea/bottle of wine, a local candle and gift certificate for "one-hour-all-to-yourself" (yes, this is a hint to my husband). Where can everyone find your goodies this year?

Payne & Comfort is @payneandcomfort on Facebook and Instagram. You can visit my website or Etsy store to shop! While I don't do many local markets, my products are carried in several CT shops (as well as shops in 10 other states). Some of the CT stores are: The Silver Dahlia (Glastonbury, West Hartford and Simsbury), Blackkat Leather (Chester), Pious Bird (Fairfield), and Red Owl (Meriden).

Thank you Erin! I hope everyone can check a couple more people off their lists for the holidays now!!


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