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Really Big "Baby" Quilt

I have a thing for large baby quilts. Before each of my kids were born I made them two quilts: one at the typical crib size (about 32" x 52") and one that was much larger at 4' x 5'. The small ones were adorable when they were newborns, but those babies sure do get big fast. And at 4 years and (almost) 2 years old want to guess which ones get the most use? The big ones obviously. The 2 year old uses hers as Toddler Bed quilt and the 4 year old uses his as a lap blanket for reading and watching TV.

So when it comes to making quilts for other new babies in my life I like to go big. It's a lot of work-- might as well make it last! When my cousin told me she was pregnant with her first I was determined to make her a quilt in time for her shower.

Then it was one week before her shower and I remembered that idea.

So I got busy cutting and piecing and got the entire quilt top done at around 6pm the night before the shower. I knew I had a ton of batting somewhere in the house so I was planning a late night and I was going to bust this out.

Turns out I did not have a ton, or any, batting in the house (as discovered at 9pm). So I gave up on the idea of getting it done in time for the shower but was pretty proud of myself that it was going to get done before the baby was born.

That was January... the babe was born in March. I coincidentally went back to work on it the night that my cousin went into labor (though I didn't know she was going into labor). So I didn't meet my deadline yet again.

Once finished I crossed my fingers and threw it in the wash. I don't pre-wash my quilting fabric, but I was confident that the reds wouldn't bleed before I started. Still you never know.

Thankfully everything stayed put. Now I get to wrap it up, make up a vat of macaroni and cheese (my go-to new mom staple) and go cuddle that baby!

What's your go-to new baby present?

Happy Stitching!


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