Table Setting Place Mats

colorful fabric placemat with fabric applique place settings. Coral overlay with "Sew Your Way to a Perfectly Set Table" header and Hartford Stitch at Home logo

It seems like November 1st rolls around and my Pinterest feed is immediately full of these incredible table settings for the holidays. I'm not complaining, I love a good tablescape and eagerly start pinning away.

But if we're being honest, it's the every day table setting that we need to focus on in my house. My kids are in charge of setting the table and it's usually a slapdash of silverware, napkins and cups that we then have to sort out once everyone is seated.

Teaching my kids table manners is extremely important to me (having been grilled on them as a kid by my parents) and, despite their protests, I'm not about to let my kids get off easy. Enter this colorful, fun, and easy to make place mat! There will be no question going forward about what goes where (the rest of those pesky manners will still be a work in progress).

This tutorial does assume some sewing experience (how to measure and cut fabric, set up your machine and basic sewing skills). If you're brand new to sewing check out our Kids Learn to Sew Ecourse to learn EVERYTHING you need to know to start sewing!

Bright colorful projects including a green and blue pillow with a yellow crescent moon, a yellow messenger bag with multi colored hearts, a colored pencil roll up in red floral. Plus sewing machine, bolts of fabric and various sewuing tools. A banner at the bottom reads "Kds Learn to Sew E-Course. Creative, practical, empowering. Also shown: a Hartford Stitch at Home logo

When you're ready, let's get started on the place mat! You can watch the full video, with lots