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Connecting Stitchers: Olivia

 In this second post on our Stitcher highlight, I am so happy to introduce you to Olivia. Olivia started sewing with me in one of my after school classes when she was in 3rd grade. She's now in 5th and it has been such a joy to have her in the studio the past 2 years!


Name: Olivia C.

Years Sewing: 2

My Creative Story: My grandmother would always make these extraordinary quilts and other sewing projects. One time we went to a fabric store to make a blanket and she made me a blanket. I thought it was awesome and I wanted to learn to do it myself. Then a couple of weeks later, for a Christmas present I got a class session at Hartford Stitch and I thought it was amazing and extremely fun. I go almost every week and it’s my favorite day of the week when I have sewing. And, the teachers are really kind and smart.

How I ended up at Hartford Stitch: My grandma bought me the first session of classes at Hartford Stitch.

My greatest sewing success: Becoming a successful sewer.

My major sewing fail: When I cut a sleeve out of my dress skirt and we barely had enough fabric to finish the skirt.

My future sewing/creative plans?: To keep trying my best in the sewing studio.

About Hartford Stitch... All the kids who are there are extremely nice and I’ve never had a bad experience with any of them. We enjoy celebrating one another’s accomplishments.


If you would like to be included in a spotlight, please contact us. We love all the members of our community and can't wait to share as many of your stories as we can!

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