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Favorite Girls' Clothes Sewing Patterns

Sewing for kids is really fun. Sure, they ruin it nearly immediately, grow out of it faster than I can finish it, and may no longer like dinosaurs the minute the dinosaur shirt is completed. But for that narrow window where everything is in good condition, fits, and is on trend--- it's fantastic!

I've sewn so much for my kids over the past few years that I need to break this up into two different posts so I'm going down the gender lines with a "girls" clothes and a "boy" clothes. Definitely don't take that to mean that I don't plan on crossing those lines as much as possible. My son loves the style of the Mini-Hudson pant (I just made it for my daughter first) and my daughters will definitely be getting the Classic Chino which is a little sturdier than their standard leggings (chinos have been part of my son's Thanksgiving outfit every year so I'll put them in the next post). That's one of the best parts of making your kid's clothes (just like making your own). Do whatever the heck you want. Whatever makes them happy!

I've mentioned again and again that I love a good clothes pattern that's hack-able. I don't want to go through all the work and expense of purchasing a pattern that is good for one look and one look only. So most of these have some sort of flexibility to them. It may be built in to the pattern or you may have to go looking for it yourself!

We've offered this many times as a class at Hartford Stitch because it's one of my all time favorites. Simple construction, sweet and slightly vintage silhouette, great practice for buttons and buttonholes, gathering and pleats. And oh-so-hackable. These are only a few that I could dig out of the "Handmade Clothes" bin in my attic...

I've made it sleeveless with some waist trim.

Smocked the bodice....

Added an invisible zipper (my first ever attempt, messed up on the whole "invisible part")...

Added a Peter Pan Collar....

Changed the button placket to the front, added a Peter Pan collar, added set in sleeves and an elastic ring at the bottom for a classic "Cindy Lou-Who" Christmas nightgown look.

And then my all time favorite: Added set in short sleeves, pintucked the front and added a longer layer underneath.

Now there's an expansion pack too! A lot of details above I figured out on my own, but many of them are now included in the pack. So make your life easy and grab that!

This is now my go-to party dress. So many options already built in between sleeves, collar options and skirts! The pattern is relatively straightforward, but each new collar gives a little twist and skill builder. I haven't hacked this at all, but haven't needed to. It fits like a charm and has an exceptionally twirly skirt option so that's all my daughter cares about (priorities).

I make a Geranium Dress when the girls want a little bit of a dressy everyday dress, the Tinny when we need "fancy" and a Gloria FOR EVERYTHING ELSE. This pattern is my absolute favorite rough and tumble, go out and get dirty and play dress (though you could always dress it up). Construction is super simple and super fast if you have a serger (though you don't need to). There's plenty of simple ways to customize it besides the standard sleeve options.

I've left off the neck binding and made it boat neck (Littlest helped when she shoved her knees through the neck immediately, but it has been one of those "throw in the wash when she's not looking so she doesn't lose her mind" kind of dresses")...

Did some color blocking and added pockets...

Made it the same as the pattern...

And in the works now is tweaking it to be more of a curved empire waist!

I love me some Peekaboo Patterns . They offer a points system for buying their patterns which I scoffed at when I first read it. I mean, who buys THAT many children's patterns? I do. Turns out I do.

These leggings are all you need in the legging front. I don't hack them, just whip them up as fast as possible. I love the Art Gallery Fabric knits for these because of all the beautiful patterns. They aren't super thick or super durable (when it comes to children who destroy clothes), but I usually can get a couple of solid months out of them before they trip and rip holes in them. Same as any legging I buy in the store. If you need a legging, this is it.

Then of course if you want to get fancy....

Where comfy meets stylish (I'm wearing my Hudsons right now!). These are great as pajama pants or every day pants. I don't hack because they're adorable as they are. And they are great for boys. I wasn't so sure when I first saw the pattern that my son would like them but then I had to buy him a pair of sweats on a trip and that style is all they had left. He LOVED them. Comfy like sweats, but he has relatively short legs for his body so the cuffs kept him from tripping on everything. Make 'em for everyone! Sadly I can't find a photo of these (which means i need to make some more pronto!)

Those are my faves and make up most of my daughters' handmade closets (to be clear: most of their closet is NOT handmade, but the handmade stuff they have is one from one of these patterns!).

Not sure if you can handle one of these patterns on your own? Sign up for an Open Workshop, private lesson or stay-tuned for the winter session-- you may see a couple of them on the schedule!

Happy Stitching!


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