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Fall Wardrobe Sewing: Ginger, Kelly and Linden

Every year we head to the Cape with my husband's family. We love those warm beach days bookended by cool mornings and evenings. Especially the cool mornings and evenings. I even thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to take some beachy photos to highlight our Fall Wardrobe classes: the Kelly Anorak, Ginger Jeans and Linden Sweatshirt. After all, we usually dress in sweatshirts and pants to head to the beach for our morning coffee. So I figured one day I could dress a little fancier AND spend the morning on the beach AND get photos done. So efficient.

We got there on a Saturday and it was nice and cool. Then Sunday came and it was freaking hot. All week. What the heck. Somehow wearing jeans and a thick knit shirt and a jacket didn't quite seem right. Oh and I got a nice sunburn on Day 2 so wearing anything that wasn't breezy and light wasn't going to happen. Cape Cod Fail.

But then we woke up on the last day and it was miraculously cool out AND miraculously our children were still asleep (we go there with extended family so we weren't abandoning them), so we booked it to the beach. Of course, by this point in the week I had given up any chance of getting these photos and had stuffed the sweatshirt and jacket back into my suitcase so it's a tad bit (okay, a lot wrinkly) in these photos.

Kelly Anorak Sewing Class Hartford Stitch, West Hartford, CT

It still wasn't entirely chilly enough for this outfit, so we got plenty of weird side-eyes while taking these photos. BUT that aside... this jacket is the best. It's the perfect weight (more on that later), fits beautifully (more on that too) and has some great finishes (yep, more on that as well).

First, the weight: I wasn't planning on making myself an unlined version because I didn't think it would be warm enough but it totally is. I actually have fabric sitting at home to make a lined version sometime later (in my head I have all this time to selfish sew, which is downright comical). I headed to my trusty Affordable Fabric to buy fabric for the sample and found this beautiful green twill. Per usual, there isn't any information on the bolt, but the weight is very similar to the Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill that I purchased for my lined version. I never would have purchased a kelly green for myself

Kelly Anorak Sewing Workshop at Hartford Stitch, West Hartford, CT

Second, the fit. I made a size 8. My measurements put me at the upper end of 8, but I didn't want it to feel like a sack on me. I'm glad I did it because it fit me just how I'd like with a t-shirt or light sweater underneath. I couldn't wear a bulk sweater under it comfortably. For my Maybe-Someday-Lined Version I'll go up a size.

The only change I made to the pattern was to move the drawstring casing. I'm drawing a blank on whether I moved it up or down but it was by a few inches. The pattern designer, Heather Lou, recommends checking that it's on your natural waist and I'm glad I followed her direction!

Kelly Anorak Hood (Sewing Workshop at Hartford Stitch, West Hartford,CT)

And on top of everything else, it HAS A HOOD. This gets me about as excited as pockets. The hood is propped awkwardly on top of my head in this photo but I assure you it's a good hood. If I get around to making it again I will extend it out a few more inches as I really don't like it when hoods feel like they're going to fall off (this is a mix between my awkwardly large head and always wearing my hair in a bun).

Kelly Anorak Sewing Workshop at Hartford Stitch, West Hartford, CT

Hello Wrinkles! Again, shoved in my suitcase. Third, the finishes: I love the details of the back including that vented yoke. It makes it looks so professional. Plus, all the hardware (zippers, buttons and grommets) take it from "homemade" to "handmade".

I sewed the whole thing up with regular Gutterman Mara 100 (akin to an all-purpose thread) but next time I'll use a heavier weight to do the topstitching.

Kelly Anorak Sewing Workshop at Hartford Stitch, West Hartford, CT

The inside isn't lined (as I've mentioned a million times before) but has some nice finishing details. Flat felled seams are definitely my least favorite seam to do, but it does give a nice finish. I made some binding from quilting cotton for the neckline and the bottom hem. The only thing I wish I had though through more was interfacing behind the grommets since it peeks through a little bit!

Ginger Jeans Sewing Class at Hartford Stitch, West Hartford, CT

On to other things... like my beloved Ginger Jeans (pattern also by Closet Case Patterns). I have worn these non-stop since I made them last year. Not going to lie, I still do a happy dance inside when people are surprised that I made them.

And because making your own jeans in awesome, Sarah Bolton is teaching this workshop again for us in November! The best part of taking a jeans class with Sarah? She's a jeans superstar having worked in the industry for many years. She can take one look at you and one look at the pattern and make tweaks, before you start cutting, for an awesome fit. As with any garment, especially pants, it can take several versions before you get the perfect fitting pattern but Sarah gets you there so much faster!

Linden Sweatshirt Sewing Class at Hartford Stitch, West Hartford, CT

And last but definitely not least: The Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio. Sweatshirt is such a misnomer for this one. Yes, I've made it up in thick sweatshirt knit and it looks very much like a good slouchy cozy sweatshirt. This one is in a nubby lightweight knit (that again, needs to be ironed) and I've dressed it up nicely. I've had students make it in Organic jersey cotton, in rayon knit (not suggested!), and thick terry. I've personally made one tunic length and another where I added zippers to facilitate breastfeeding. I love patterns that you can make a million different ways!

There you have it! The best fall wardrobe staples and you can make them all with us at Hartford Stitch!

Linden Sweatshirt: September 4th, 11th and 18th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm with Sarah Bolton

Level: Beginner. You should have experience threading a machine and a couple of simple projects under your belt.

Kelly Anorak Weekend Intensive: September 8th + 9th from 9am - 5pm with me!

Level: Intermediate Sewers. You should have experience reading patterns and have completed a garment or two.

Level: Intermediate Sewers: You should have experience reading patterns and have completed a garment or two.

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge into these garments then check out our Garment 101 Classes starting in November!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. We hope to sew with you soon!

Happy Stitching!


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