Paper Pieced Aeroplane Bag

In our house Santa brings the gifts in the stocking and my husband and I give the ones under the tree. At least one of those gifts is always handmade (ok, so my son is only 3, we're not talking about a long standing tradition here!). I start planning much, much earlier in the summer, usually buy the supplies in early fall, pat myself on the back on how ahead of schedule I am going to be this year and then the last week before Christmas scramble to get it done. Naturally, that's exactly how it went this year.

When I first saw the Aeroplane Bag pattern by Sew Sweetness I knew that was what I wanted to use. It's not overly complicated (there's only so many pockets a 3 and 1 year old need), it's super cute and I could customize it-- because of course, I can't ever let any pattern just "be", I always need to make some sort of tweak.

Let's face it, "Here's your new duffel!" isn't going to elicit the same excited response as "Here's your new Lego set!" so I needed to add something that was going to jump out at the kids. That's where paper piecing came in to play.

Last year I purchased Playful Little Paper Pieced Projects during a paper piecing kick I was going through. I love every pattern in this book and have a millions plans made up in my head, but there was no doubt that the lantern was going to end up on something for M, my 3 year old son. M loves to "go camping" in our attic with his toy camping set and the sleeping bag I made him for Christmas last year. The lantern was a must for his bag.