9 Must-Have Sewing Tools for This Year's Stocking

I love sewing for it's simplicity. Take fabric, cut it, sew it together and make something beautiful, but it's not without it's "stuff". We covered our sewing machine recommendation in a previous post, but you're going to need to fill the stocking (or the other 7 nights, or however you may celebrate the holidays!). Here are our go to recommendations for supplies. These are all items that we use in our class or in our own sewing.

The links below are Amazon Affiliate Links, but every item I recommend is because I wholeheartedly believe it's worth your money. I won't ever recommend something that I haven't personally tried out or own. I'm not compensated in any way by the makers of these products, just want you to have good stuff!

So first up... the scissors.

If you've ever taken one of my classes, you know how I feel about fabrics scissors. THEY ARE FOR FABRIC ONLY!!! No paper, no paper, no paper. For years I thought I could use whatever scissors I had laying around and wonder why it felt like I was hacking through the fabric. Fabric scissors are scissors for fabric, end of story. These Fiskars are excellent, inexpensive scissors. Write "Fabric" on them, tie a ribbon around the handle, lock them up-- do whatever it takes to keep these guys sharp. I'd take a photo of my own Fiskars, but somebody used them to cut something other than fabric and took a chunk out of the blade!

Now onto the other goodies.

1. Seam gauge- The most basic of measuring tools and perfect for seam allowances and hems.