Call for Pattern Testers!

I love sewing and I love teaching sewing! Usually for my kids’ classes I come up with a project and teach students from memory. Maybe I’d have a couple of quick photos in a document to remind myself of the steps.

However two things happened.
The first: Adults wanted to sew from my “patterns” (that didn’t exist).
The second: My kid students were becoming more skilled and the time had come for them to learn to read patterns.

The patterns I have developed are aimed toward younger sewists (I teach ages 8+), however many patterns will appeal to sewists of all ages!

So here we are! If you are interested in being a pattern tester here are some things you should know:

About the Patterns

  • I use simple language. As adults we may understand "Exterior" or "interior" but kids respond more to "outside" and inside". There are some concepts I won't compromise on, especially if it comes to Math concepts (like perpendicular, parallel, right angles, measuring, etc), but otherwise I try to make it very easy to digest.

  • I break it down into a LOT of steps. An adult sewist may understand what "pin RS together" means, but a kid sewist may need to see that step.

  • And then I break it down into even more steps. Each step often has a couple of bullet points. It's easier for a kid to process steps on at at time.


As an adult you may find the level of detail excessive, so please keep the above in mind. Of course, if you think I'm missing a detail, please let me know!

What You Can Expect From Me

  • All patterns have been written to the best of my ability, tested by my students, edited as necessary, tested by my husband (a non-sewing lawyer with an eye for critiquing the littlest of details), and edited as necessary again. So in short, I've put it through the ringer so you have the best possible draft. It probably won't be perfect-- but that's where you come in!

  • If you're a Hobbyist Tester: You'll receive a draft of the original pattern.

  • If you're a Sewing Teacher Tester: You'll receive a draft of the original pattern AND the Teacher's Supplement.

  • If you're on social media, I will gladly share your creations online with links back to your accounts to promote your work. I wish I could compensate my testers, but at this time that's just not possible.

  • Once the pattern is finalized you will receive a copy of the pattern you tested (Hobbyist or Teacher's Supplement) for use as the copyright allows.

What I Can Expect From You

  • A timely testing of the pattern. I know life is crazy so I'll allow as much time as reasonable and possible for testing. Please submit edits and photos by the deadline!

  • A completed project. Please read and sew the project as the pattern is written. Most of my patterns allow for customization, but please avoid doing so if it changes the general structure of the pattern. If you are testing a Teacher's Copy, please test the supplemental pattern (if applicable). If there isn't a supplemental pattern then please test the regular pattern. While it's awesome if your students test it as well, it's definitely not necessary!

  • Honest and constructive feedback. I appreciate any feedback about techniques, copy, instruction explanation, photos, etc. If you have design suggestions I welcome those as well!

  • A little bit of secrecy. My patterns are from the classroom, so chances are they have been put out on my social media before I even send the pattern out for testing. However, I'd appreciate you refraining from writing up any blog posts or sharing on social media until the pattern is available for sale.

  • Respect for the copyright of the pattern.

    • For Teacher's Copy this means: "The instructions and photos are copyright 2015-2017 Laura Kasowitz for Hartford Stitch, LLC.  You, the purchaser of this pattern, are free and encouraged to use it in your studio or classroom setting for instructional purposes with your  sewing students. It is not for use, resale, or distribution in any other setting (please don’t send a copy home with your students!).  Additionally, feel free to use the pattern to make items for sale on a home-based scale."

    • For the Hobbyist copy this means: "The instructions and photos are copyright 2015-2017 Laura Kasowitz for Hartford Stitch, LLC.  You, the purchaser of this pattern, are free and encouraged to use it for personal use, including to make items for sale on a home-based scale. It is not for any other use, resale, or distribution."

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in testing my patterns! I'm really excited (and a fair bit nervous!) to bring this part of my sewing school out into the world and I couldn't do it well without your help!

If you'd like to sign up to be a tester please send me an email and let me know whether you're interested in sewing the Hobbyist (project only) version of if you're a sewing teacher and would like the Teacher's Supplement version!

Happy Stitching!


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