our projects are fun to sew but it's so much more than that...


Every project in our curriculum has been tested in our after school sewing classes at our sewing school in West Hartford, CT! And believe me, they let us know exactly what they think!

Not only do we create projects that kids love to sew, but we focus on:

-essential sewing skills

-sequential thinking

-safe sewing practices AND

-creative expression

...with the goal of INDEPENDENT SEWING!

Typical sewing classes at a sewing school may not fit into your schedule, or they aren't offered around you, or aren't in your budget. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a great sewing school experience! Laura Kasowitz, owner and lead teacher of Hartford Stitch, brings to this e-course what she requires of all of her in studio teachers: passion, expertise, enthusiasm and patience!

She has taught nearly a thousand beginner sewing students and knows how to reach the beginner sewer from the right words to use, how to explain essential sewing skills in more than way, and where to let creativity go wild!

it's a sewing school experience while at home

We're so excited for your child to join our virtual sewing school! Here's what you can do next...

1. Complete your (free) registration and enroll on our course website.

2. Make sure you have a sewing machine and all the tools you need (Choosing a Sewing Machine and Basic Sewing Tools videos are free to watch before you register if you'd like!)

3. If you don't already have them, purchase the materials you need. If understanding fabric is a little overwhelming be sure to check out the "All About Fabric" video in the Resource section after you enroll!

4. Start with the Introduction video and go from there!


What ages is this course suited for?

We recommend ages 8 - 13, but we've had kids as young as 6 successfully complete and adults learn something too!

Are these projects just for girls?

It is important for us to have projects for ALL sewers no matter their interests.

Are materials included?

Materials aren't included-- picking out fabric is part of the fun and shows each child's unique style.

Is the teacher available from Zoom lessons, email help, etc?

We encourage students to use the community forums and discussions in each lesson so that everyone can benefit from their questions (just like in a real class!). Private Zoom lessons are available for an additional cost.

Can I share this ecourse with my friends?

You are welcome to use the ecourse for siblings but please do not share it with your friends or family outside your home!

What comes next?

We have several one-time project courses that are great for the child who has completed the Ecourse 1.1. And stay tuned--- Ecourse 1.2 and 1.3 will be coming soon!

The quick version: A LOT!

The detailed version:

The Ecourse 1.1 includes over 5 hours of video that takes approximately 10-12 hours to complete. If your child sews for 1.5 hours a week they should finish in about 8 weeks (the same amount of time as one of our after school sewing sessions!) Our goal is skill building by introducing skills and techniques with explanation as to why, different ways to approach a skill and lots of repetition. Your child will be on their way to independent sewing in no time!

Questions? Want to share your creations? Need to connect with other sewers? Our discussion boards on every video and our Community Chat with fun conversation and photo prompts just like in our studio classes!

Chapter: Introduction

-They'll get to see our Hartford Sttich studio and meet their instructor, Laura Kasowitz (there's a little in there for the grownups too)

-Our "Sewing Room Rules" where we go over how we're going to stay safe and excited about our sewing practice!

Chapter: Getting to know your sewing machine

- Understand those knobs and dials with lots of information to help them understand their machine-- no matter what make or model it is!

-Wind a bobbin

-Thread a machine

-How to sew with a kid-friendly way to remember all the steps

-Downloadable practice sewing sheets

Chapter: Resource Videos

Most of these are included within the lessons but sometimes it helps to have a everything in one spot!

-Choosing a sewing machine (free video with registration!)

-Basic tools (complimentary video with your free registration)

-About about fabric

-Reading a ruler

-Cutting tips

-Iron safety

-How to sew a straight line

-How to use a seam ripper

-Understanding tension

Project Chapters:

-Each of our 3 project chapters is broken down into easy to understand parts including: Materials and Tools, Measuring and Cutting, Pinning and Sewing, and Finishing It Up.

-All projects introduce new skills and build on the ones learned in the previous project.

-Each project has a downloadable pdf pattern if your child wants to follow along.

Project 1- Big Pocket Pillow

Skills worked on:

-Measuring by inches and fractions of an inch




-Drawing a sewing line

-Straight stitch



-Clipping Corners

-Handsewing: whipstitch

Project 2- Tool Roll Up

Skills worked on:

-All from Project 1

-Using an iron

-Making and sewing in ties


Project 3- Messenger Bag

Skills worked on: All from Project 1 and some from Project 2

-Making a strap

-Layered applique

-Sewing hook and loop

-Sewing curves

-Notching curves

-Seam allowances

-Using a seam gauge


Things don't always work out perfectly the first time and it's important to know how to fix the issue. There are 10 videos of the most common issues we see, why they happen and how your child can solve the problem!


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