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Connecting Stitchers: Jodi

Once a month I will shine the spotlight on one of the amazing Stitchers that make up our community. Jodi has agree to be the first up! Just as her story says, she took her first class from me in 2015 and hasn't looked back yet. You may have heard me say in class that I have one student that is the epitome of a diligent student... it's her! She really takes the time to understand every step as she makes her project in class and then goes home and makes it 2 or 3 more times to drill those skills home. We love having her as part of our community!


Name: Jodi Levy -Fenton

Years Sewing: I first started sewing in the fall of 2015.

My Creative Story: My mother was a home economics teacher before she went back to school later in life and she bugged me for years to learn to sew. She got me into cooking, and that I loved... sewing though I just had no interest. Then I had kids; and I started thinking about how many times I thought "If I could only sew that.. or repair that...make that part of a costume" So I started looking around tentatively at places that could teach me. I found nothing for quite some time. Eventually when I found Laura on FB I actually contacted her for what I think was her very first sewing 101. Sadly, my husband was not around that evening so I wasn't able to take it. If I remember correctly I told her to contact me with the next one she may have. I got into the next class I could attend. I had never even threaded a machine. I started with the 101 class, apprehensively jumped into the next bag class and that was it, I was hooked. I had tried knitting and that just wasn't for me, too monotonous. This was different. I loved the multiple steps and how you can do pieces of it (which were all so different processes) and put it aside if you have to and then pick it back up. I love the feeling of completing something. My personal favorites are bags etc. Although I've taken most classes from Laura at this point. There are few that definitely are not for me but I try once in a while to jump out of my comfort zone (with her help) . I have even taken over an area in my living room with a sewing table, and now both of my kids have learned by her as well.

My greatest sewing success: Normally I would say the duffel bag I made or the back pack, but honestly its probably recreating the different bags at home by myself. Or trying a new pattern on my own.

My major sewing fail: HA! besides the time I almost sewed the arm of my husband's shirt to the neckline? Probably the very first time I recreated the bag I did in class. It was too late, I had been doing it too long and should have stopped. I sewed something wrong and had to pick it all out through tons of tears and maybe a few texts to Laura in a panic. Lesson learned: no sewing while tired and overspent.

My future sewing plans: I have a few patterns at home I'm pondering. I have signed up for the other backpack class and the sew all bag. (Guaranteed she always knows the classes she'll see me at!) I wanted to make the coat but I was out of town for that one. Jeans are always in the back of my head.....

More about sewing at Stitch: I loved that I have made friends from her studio/classes. I had convinced one of my friends to take classes with me so that's always a fun way to hang out. (Our kids even took classes together to learn too.) I have also made new friends in classes and its so good to see certain people again and again. Everyone is very supportive of each other and willing to trade materials and give encouragement.

This is my 'me time'. Where I have no obligations and just focus on whats in front of me.

This is my me time at Hartford Stitch

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