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Sip & Sew: Mug Cozy Party

Last night we had a great time with some ladies at Hello! Artisan Shop + Studio sewing up some mug cozies!

This project is deceptively easy but the hardest part is, without a doubt, picking the fabrics. I loved having the chance to revisit my scrap bag(s) and trimming up pieces for this project. There are so many fabrics that I used so often that I was completely burnt out on them, but when I saw them in a new combination I fell in love all over again!

One thing I love about these parties is that we are able to make sewing SO SIMPLE for our guests. We had a couple of guests who had no sewing experience, but halfway through the project they were cruising along on their own with very little help from us. Everybody completed two cozies and one person even finished 3-- with several more planned!

I'm completely bummed that we didn't get photos of everyone and all the cozies!

Remember, we have one more Sip & Sew party next week-- registration closing this Friday!

And don't forget, that private sewing parties and classes make for excellent gifts at the holidays! Contact us today for more information!

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